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What are the different terms encountered on the platform mean?

The company, its administrator, and staff users who run Oracle products, for which their service profile shows indicates they may need services to be performed

The Oracle professional whose service profile demonstrates the capacity to respond to customer needs for an Oracle product service

Service Profile: 
It is what defines a customer or consultant to their counterpart. This is the framework within which a customer will search for a consultant, or a consultants would match to a customers products and work environment. 

Service Request: 
A request from a customer to the consultant community to fulfill a service. It is used by customer to source the different consultants, who will bid to fulfill the service, and customer will aware one consultant the job. 

Service Order: 
This is the firm order a customer issues to a consultant, to fulfill a certain service, where most of the terms of delivery have been clearly defined. Once a service order has been completed and approved, related payment takes place.